This class prepares students to be successful at Clovis Adult Education Career Technical Education Business Program as well as getting that job, and keeping your job. 

The focus is the student.  Through several self-assessments, It is up to the students to decide how they will:

  • develop life skills through self-assessments
  • develop effective Time Management Project
  • manage effective communication skills (listening & conflict resolution)  and Confidentiality (HIPAA) while in class & work
  • develop study skills (through different Learning Style Inventories & test-taking strategies),
  • create an effective resume and cover letter
  • prepare for the big interview. 
  • prepare for the job (once you landed the job)

The goal is to develop a balance between Work, school, family, and self. 


  • Everyday is an interview
  • First impression counts
  • Going to class is a full time job

The Person in the Glass


Class starts January 8, 2018

Class ends March 2, 2018