These courses are for use by the teachers of Inland Career Education Center.

This course is designed to train students for entry-level employment as a Medical Assistant.  English Language Arts, Mathematics, Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation are reinforced throughout the course.  Emphasis is placed on communication skills, professionalism and employability characteristics for today's changing job market. Students will receive the necessary skills and knowledge to work as a member of the healthcare team performing vital signs, assisting with minor office procedures and medical records management.  Injections, phlebotomy, laboratory procedures, Anatomy & Physiology and Medical Terminology are integral components to the Medical Assistant Program.

This is a hybrid online course developed for ESL students from intermediate to advanced level to use to supplement with their in-class learning.  There are various resources on improving students' skills in English listening, speaking, reading, and writing as well as their understanding and mastering of the English grammar.  Students can download handouts or access websites to practice English skills. This course has self-graded pretest, a pretest, unit tests, a midterm test and a final exam to measure students' learning outcomes.  It gives students opportunities to reflect their learning verbally or in writing.  It also has discussion forums that enable students to share education, employment, and community resources.