This course will help you prepare for the JVS workshop, Acing the Interview: Confident Conversations. When you register for the course at, you will see the enrollment key for this course. 

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Cover Letters and Emails for Job Search

This 90-minute course defines transferable skills, shows four tools for identifying your transferable skills, and directs you in some exercises to help you describe your transferable skills in a your resume or cover letter, or while answering interview questions.

This online course will help you prepare for the JVS workshop, Identifying Your Target Job.  When you register for the workshop, the confirmation page will show the enrollment key that allows you to enter the course. Enter that key in the "Group Enrollment" box below.

This course also provides resources that you'll use after each session of the in-person workshop.

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This online course will familiarize you with the different types of job interviews, interview questions, and methods you can use to prepare and perform well in an interview. You will gain practical tools for crafting strong interview responses and questions. Please select a job posting that matches your job goal, for use in workshop activities. This course includes a special section to help you prepare for the JVS workshop, Interview Success. Check the JVS calendar to register for this workshop.

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This course requires an enrollment key which you will receive when you register for JSI Workshop.  

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This course will help you to identify strategies and tactics for successful job search. The course includes a presentation on Job Search Planning and many resources. 

This is a self-directed course and has no time minimum or maximum. The course has several assignments, available both in worksheet and on0line formats.

This course is a resource for JVS clients participating in Positive Mindset for Job Search as part of a job search intensive or training program.

This course will help you to create targeted resumes that attract the interest of hiring managers. Please begin the course with the Pre-Course Survey and then explore the sections to learn more. 

This is a self-directed course and has no time minimum or maximum. To complete the course, go to the Assessment Center and see directions regarding the Completion Assignment.

This course provides resources for the JVS workshop, Resumes and More. Upload your resume and read the Instructions to participate in the Resume Slam!

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