These tutorials were created specifically for adult education students new to online learning and using Moodle. Teachers can link to these videos by copying the activity URL and pasting it into the correct resource field. Please do not copy/download these videos then re-upload them into your course. If you need assistance, contact OTAN directly. (800-894-3113 CA only)

This course is an Advanced-Level ESL course designed for adult education students. It can be used as a stand alone course or as an addition to, a class that meets face-to-face. Each unit has activities that include listening, reading, writing, vocabulary development, and grammar practice.
Before you begin, please take the pre-course survey and the pre-test. You can also review some computer terms. At
the end of the course there will be a post-survey and a final test.

This is a course to support Teachers using OTAN's shared course for ABE. The transition course provides students help with transitioning to more training/college or to prepare to enter to workforce. The course is enrollable by request only (as an effort to keep out students taking the course). Please request enrollment into the course from OTAN ( Please put in the subject line "enroll me in the Teachers ABE support course." Your request will be routed to the correct support person.