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The Prospects Adult Career & Education (PACE) Transition Program will assist students in their transition to post-secondary adulthood. PACE program students will research, analyze and answer two questions that they are facing as exiting seniors: 1) Will I either pursue a post-secondary education or will I directly join the workforce? 2) What is my next step? The PACE program will help with understanding what opportunities are available to students, how they would plan a pathway for their career decision and most importantly what steps are required to support their decisions. The program will focus on:

Ø Utilizing Choices Career Software to find careers that match student's likes, values and abilities

Ø Researching different career pathways and what it requires to pursue a particular occupation

Ø Researching the differences between vocational, technical training schools and two/four year college programs

Ø Researching scholarship, grant and loan opportunities for college or vocational training

Ø Connecting students to agencies that will answer questions regarding college or employment (i.e. One Stop Center, vocational schools, school loan offices, etc.)

Ø Including field trip tours of Los Medanos College (PTECH Department and Career Center) and the One Stop Employment Center

This course is designed to help students make the transition to college or to prepare for work. It is designed in three paths, including a Writing path to reaquaint students with the writing process. Teachers are encouraged to have all students complete the writing unit. Path A is designed to prepare students to enter more schooling/training while Path B is designed to help students learn necessary skills to look for work. The course is leveled to a CASAS score of 228 or higher, so it may be appropriate for advanced ESL students as well. This course is open to self-enrollment though it is limited to 30 days. If you would like a copy of the course, you may request it using the request form within the course.