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We will meet in class to work on grammar points with explanations, worksheets, book exercises, and online exercises.  To assess how well you understand the grammar that we do in class, you will take Moodle grammar quizzes here at this website.  Once you've finished a quiz, get your score from Andrea.  Write this score on your record sheet that you keep in your folder.  Think of the quizzes as an opportunity to monitor your understanding of the grammar that we do in class.  Good grammar is important when speaking or writing in English.

This course is an Advanced-Level ESL course designed for adult education students. It can be used as a stand alone course or as an addition to, a class that meets face-to-face. Each unit has activities that include listening, reading, writing, vocabulary development, and grammar practice.
Before you begin, please take the pre-course survey and the pre-test. You can also review some computer terms. At
the end of the course there will be a post-survey and a final test.

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