This category is for the teachers of Mt. Diablo Adult Education.

The Administrative Assistant Training course contains required assignments for students taking part in the full certificate program.

Please provide a detailed course description for your agency. 

This class is set up to help the English students learn vocabulary and other assignments.

General Math, Algebra and Geometry

These are challenge test questions for students who already know the material and wish to challenge a WABE task and demonstrate that they have mastered the task without instruction.  You may only take the test once so make sure you know the material before you ask to challenge it.

This course includes information about Medical Terminology for enrolled students only

This course is design to teach students how to use the tools of Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. The program is a combination of both versions. You will learn how to use the email function, create and manage various calanders, use tasks and notes, and usiethe journal features. For more information regarding this course, please click on the following link below.
Mt. Diablo Adult School

These tutorials were created specifically for adult education students new to online learning and using Moodle. Teachers can link to these videos by copying the activity URL and pasting it into the correct resource field. Please do not copy/download these videos then re-upload them into your course. If you need assistance, contact OTAN directly. (800-894-3113 CA only)